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HSE solutions for streamlined & centralized executive program management.

SevenGen provides high-quality HSE solutions for mid-market and upper-market employers to help manage the complexities associated with enterprise-level programs.  We understand the importance of efficient data review, risk mitigation, and record retention, and our enterprise solutions are aimed to resolve those challenges.  SevenGen offers:

  • Program oversight in alignment with client philosophy
  • Forward thinking policy support to match regulatory and corporate expectations
  • Formulation and management of a risk-based schedule for field audits and surveys across the US
  • Program consistency across the organization
  • Information management compiled into digestible quarterly scorecards
  • Centralized program records retention

If you desire better policy, better execution, better visibility, and improved record retention without adding expensive corporate staff, contact SevenGen to schedule a discovery call.

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At SevenGen, we bring our expertise and passion for problem solving to help your organization stay safe, healthy, and environmentally sound, while maintaining compliance with State and Federal programs.  We are advocates for people and the environment.  Schedule a discovery call with one of our HSE experts today.

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