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7G in The Community

SevenGen’s appreciation for community and environment is sincere! Through community partnerships and organizations, the 7G Team participates in volunteer projects in Indiana and Ohio. Our teams come together from across each of our markets to share time away from the office, helping to reinforce our culture and build stronger working relationships. We participate in ecological volunteerism, focusing on work that helps restore native lands and habitat, positively impacting our communities. Our teams gain insight from field specialists, learning new ways SevenGen can improve the environment, and promote good responsible stewardship…and we’re proud of it!

Habitat for Humanity

Our Indiana office volunteers for Habitat 4 Humanity – helping to build homes for those in need. It’s a wonderful organization and we’re honored to bring our skills, talents, and hearts to its mission.

A special thanks to our partners:

Great Parks of Ohio

Ecological Restoration & Habitat Bio-Diversity Project

LC Nature Park of Indiana

Ecological & Native Plant Species Restoration Project

Little River Wetlands Project of Indiana

Ecological Restoration & Invasive Species Removal

7G Team Adventures

We know the importance of a culture that embraces adventure, connection, and community – that’s why our events and excursions with the 7G team are so important. The right people make every project fun, and fun projects even better.

SevenGen has a Spotify playlist! It’s a collection of music curated by Team 7G – for the commute, workplace, and weekend.

Check out ‘7G Mixtape’ on Spotify!

Recent Articles & Publications

Explore some of the contributions our SevenGen team is making to the industry.

3D Printing Increase Risk of VOCs, Combustible Dust

Original publication via Industrial Safety & Health News

One of the challenges in industrial hygiene is to continue to ensure that we are educating ourselves with evolving technology. In an age where there are new breakthroughs every day, mitigating hazards can prove difficult when there is little to no research on potential hazards to health, let alone rules and regulations to ensure that organizations are protecting the health and safety of their employees.

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing (for this article will be referred to AM) has seen many advancements in the past decade. This technology has become accessible to more industries and to individuals for personal use due to decreasing front-end and material costs. With more industries and individuals integrating AM into their processes and activities, it is important that we as health and safety professionals understand the risks and hazards associated with this technology.


Proactive HSE Approach to Additive Manufacturing

Original publication via

Technology is evolving at a pace that has not been rivaled since the Industrial Revolution. We are seeing industries thrive with these advancements and Additive Manufacturing (AM) has perhaps seen the most significant change during this time. Decreases in up-front costs and lower costs of materials are making AD technology available to a variety of industries today. It is amazing to think that technology is capable of ‘printing’ in three dimensions in a cost-effective manner where it is not limited in an industrial or a production setting.

All of this seems too good to be true, but this technology has made the impossible possible. The future is here but there is still a need to learn from the past, specifically in health and safety which is almost always shrouded by innovation.


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